• Diagnosis of Water and Sewer Systems
    Expertise, professionalism, technology
  •     Asset management of water, sewer, roads and intervention plans    
  • Data engineering
    Optimal managment of municipal infrastructure data
  • Recommendations for decision making
    Analysis, evaluation, recommendations

Aqua Data is a leader in North America for diagnosis of water distribution and sewer systems. With advanced technologies, Aqua Data’s specialists provide innovative solutions to optimize investments and ensure sustainability of infrastructure.

Aqua Data has been focused on asset management, field data gathering, condition assessment, diagnosis and preventive maintenance of water distribution and sewer systems since 1987.

Aqua Data distinguishes itself through a close collaboration between its various departments which include engineering, R&D, geomatics and field operations. Each department collaborates to provide the best engineering solution available and maximize condition assessment efficiency.

We believe in the added value of our products and services and in sharing our expertise with all of our clients. We are proud to be recognized for our reliability and attention to client satisfaction.