As a precursor of services aimed at the Quebec Drinking Water Savings Strategy (SQEEP), Aqua Data is proud to add a string to its bow with its new role as exclusive distributor of the water meter product line of Neptune Technology Group in Quebec.   

Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies and its know-howexpertise, Aqua Data Inc. can accompany you at any time in your process of setting up a fleet of meters; whether for the acquisition of equipment, the choice of reading systems, installation and maintenance, as well as for the reading and management of data.   

Migrate at your own pace with a smart solution to meet your needs today and tomorrow. 


Introduction to Neptune Technology Group

Strainer  MIC R900  R900  Neptune 360 Turbine 

TRICON/E3 ProCoder  MRX920_MX900 E-Coder TRU/FLO

Mach 10 (0,75 et 1 po)  Mach 10 (1.5-2po)  Mach 10 (3-6po)

T10(1.5 and 2 inch) T10 (5⁄8, 3⁄4 and 1 inch)