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Field data gathering & condition assessment

  • Inspection of fire hydrants and valves
  • Hydraulic manipulation of valves
  • Leak detection on water distribution system
  • Hazen-Williams coefficient measurements
  • Fire flow tests (calibration of water model)
  • Fire flow tests (NFPA 291)
  • GPS survey
  • Manhole and sewer pipe inspection using the Aqua Zoom camera
  • Co-management programs (multi-year projects)
    • Annual fire hydrant/valve inspections
    • Annual unidirectional flushing program execution

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Aqua Data provides complete engineering services to evaluate, manage and provide cost saving recommendations for underground infrastructure.

Following our detailed field work and consulting services, our clients have reliable recommendations to upgrade, maintain and prevent further deterioration of their infrastructures.

Our reports generated through our aquaGEO expert software let asset managers access all operation records to help identify the most appropriate maintenance interventions.

Aqua Data’s engineering services include:

    • Evaluation of water distribution system components
    • Evaluation of sewer system components
    • Database preparation of sewer and water distribution systems
    • Hydraulic modeling, calibration, master plan of water distribution system
    • Intervention master plans for the renewal of water distribution, sewer and road systems
    • Unidirectional flushing conception and execution supervision
    • District metered areas (DMA) design and analysis
    • Water audit and efficiency analysis
    • Sewer systems inspections analysis (manholes and pipes) using NASSCO/CERIU MACP/PACP
    • Existing data conversion using NASSCO-CERIU PACP MACP
    • Project management for sewer cleaning and inspection with CCTV camera
    • Integrated decision support system (IDSS) and financial analysis:
      • Present value, real option, risk management, level of service, customised deterioration analysis
      • IDSS Implementation
      • Consulting services

Decision support system and financial analysis – Direxyon


  • Financial Analysis Assessment
    • Intervention options for asset life cycles
    • Financial requirements based on targeted service levels
  • Risk Management:
    • Probability of achieving your financial goals
    • Probability of achieving your service level goals
  • Integrated Asset Management Planning
    • Impact on service levels
    • Impact on budgets
    • Drag and drop decision trees


    • Use of aquaGEO software modules
    • Condition assessment (sewer and water distribution system)
    • Unidirectional flushing execution
    • Fire hydrant maintenance


Aqua Data has the capability to import and structure data from the client’s GIS (Geographical Information System) into the aquaGEO software, and to export the network, along with inspection and modeling results, to most commercially available formats such as ArcGIS™ (ESRI), ArcView™ (ESRI), MapInfo®, Geomedia® (Intergraph), Microstation® (Bentley), and Autodesk Map®.

In order to ensure data integrity, Aqua Data can develop interfaces between aquaGEO and the commercial GIS packages used by municipalities.

Data Collection

      • Digitization and labelling of as-built plans
      • GPS survey digitization
      • Data structuring
      • Data control and validation
      • Database conversion to aquaGEO
      • Data export to other formats

Consulting Services

      • Adaptation of in-house computerized management systems to meet customer needs, including the development of customized software;
      • Interface of our computerized management systems with geomatic systems used by the client including the design of the implementation processes and database updates;
      • Management support for database structuring and updating.


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