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Aqua Data provides complete engineering services to evaluate, manage and provide cost saving recommendations for underground infrastructure.

Due to Aqua Data’s accurate report and consulting services, our customers have reliable recommendations for the implementation of their infrastructures repair programs and the implementation of preventive measures.

The reports generated by our experts, using the aquaGEO™ software, allow managers to know the operations carried out and to judge the merits of the proposed interventions. They are then able to carry out easy and adequate accountability, based on factual information, an estimate of the costs of interventions and a calculation of the return on investment of proactive management.

Aqua Data’s engineering services include:


Also, Aqua Data Atlantic/Scotia Tech Fluid Services Ltd, operating in eastern Quebec and the Atlantic provinces, including Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador, additionally offers the following services:

  •  Inspection of fire hydrants and valves
  • Field execution of Unidirectional Flushing Program
  • Multi-year maintenance programs


Aqua Data has the capability to import and structure data from the client’s GIS (Geographical Information System) into the aquaGEO software, and to export the network, along with inspection and modeling results, to most commercially available formats such as ArcGIS (ESRI), ArcView (ESRI), MapInfo, Geomedia (Intergraph), Microstation (Bentley), and Autodesk Map.

In order to ensure data integrity, Aqua Data can develop interfaces between aquaGEO and the commercial GIS packages used by municipalities.

Data Collection

  • Elaboration of network plans from GPS surveys
  • Automation of as-built plans transfer in corporate GIS
  • Data entry and structuring, including existing plans
  • Control and validation of data
  • Conversion of databases to aquaGEO
  • Export of data in various types of formats and web data access service

Consulting Services

  • Adaptation of in-house computerized management systems to meet customer needs, including the development of customized software;
  • Synchronization of aquaGEO with GIS (ArcGIS suite, Oracle, SQL Server)
  • Interface of our computerized management systems with geomatic systems used by the client including the design of the implementation processes and database updates of water distribution, sewer and road systems
  • Management support for database structuring and updating.
  • Support to managers in the data structuring and updating process
  • Web map access for plans and databases

Decision support system and financial analysis – Direxyon


  • Financial Analysis Assessment
    • Intervention options for asset life cycles
    • Financial requirements based on targeted service levels
  • Risk Management:
    • Probability of achieving your financial goals
    • Probability of achieving your service level goals
  • Integrated Asset Management Planning
    • Impact on service levels
    • Impact on budgets
    • Drag and drop decision trees